Intentionally growing our capacity to navigate complexity

“I began to realize how important emergent strategy, strategy for building complex patterns and systems of change through relatively small interactions, is to me—the potential scale of transformation that could come from movements intentionally practicing this adaptive, relational way of being, on our own and with others…. Emergent strategy is how we intentionally change in ways that grow our capacity to embody the just and liberated worlds we long for.” from Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategy (AK Press, 2017)

One of the important skills of a leader is to identify how to focus on what will make the greatest difference in our work. Often it is in smaller, intentional actions that the seeds for deeper changes at a broader scale.

How you care for and nurture your staff effects how they are able to show up for the work, be innovative, and support your clients. Attending to the subtle but important differences in clients needs and contexts can help you craft better solutions.

It’s not always obvious how to expand your capacity to work in adaptive and relational ways–this is where a coach can be particularly helpful. Most people are not born knowing these things, we have to learn and practice them.

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