Tiffany Espinosa, Founder and Principal

Founder Dr. Tiffany Espinosa has led small and large teams as an executive director and senior leader, so she knows what it means to be responsible for making critical strategic and operational decisions, responding to changes in your market, and bringing together high performing teams.

Her passion is working with executives and entrepreneurs to level up, which she has been doing since 2005. She has extensive cross-industry knowledge and a broad network that enables her and the team at Teal Executives to serve both for-profit and non-profit organizations of all sizes as they grow.

The pressures, challenges and opportunities leaders today face can be overwhelming. To grow our businesses and be ready to meet the moment, we have to invest in growing ourselves and our teams, and work with great thought partners as we plot the course ahead.

That’s where Teal Executives comes in. Drawing on a team of experts from across the country, we are able to offer both in-person and virtual support for clients across the US. From executive coaching and group facilitations to customized leadership development programs and strategic planning support, we can help your team level up.

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What is it like working with me?

“Tiffany has been my business coach for over a decade. She helped launch my business into a market where innovation is desperately needed but also resisted due to an attitude of “we do things the way we always have”. Her advice to me was always right. I followed it as closely as I could and I came through consistently ahead of where I had been. Tiffany is strategic, diplomatic, fair and has a keen sense for navigating dicey, political situations. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Anyone who gets to work with her will shine.”

Kate Eaton

“Tiffany understands big picture and the importance of meeting her clients where they are. Her expertise in business strategy and growth planning helped to change the course of my business in a relatively short time. I worked with Tiffany for five months, meeting once a week and in that time I was able to flush out a new service including gaps, opportunities and potential threats. With Tiffany‘s guidance I pushed well be on my comfort zone and I’m so glad that I did. We spent a considerable amount of time working on financial projections for each service, staffing requirements and most importantly developing a realistic timeframe to launch the new services.”

TaChelle Lawson

“Tiffany is a brilliant thought partner and advisor! She has a way of helping you bring together your own disparate thoughts, concepts, and strategies in a way that is tangible, practical and empowering. Her authenticity and humor made me feel at ease when contemplating major decisions, while her wealth of experience and go-for-it attitude inspired courage to take action on things I lacked confidence in. Tiffany is a strong advocate of social entrepreneurs and change agents; a consistent reminder to go beyond my comfort zone, shake things up if necessary, and above all, enjoy the ride!”

Candace Chance

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