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Passion fueled leaders
C-Suite executives
Executive Directors
Vice President/SVP/EVPs
High potential emerging leaders

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Leaders and aspiring leaders who want to make the greatest impact attend to what they are doing at the individual, team and organizational level. As a coach, I work with my clients across all three scales and help them thrive.

Accelerate your success
Identify growth opportunities
Hone your skills so you get better results
Improve the quality of your working relationships
Align your business processes to live up to your brand promise
Support employee innovation, engagement and loyalty
Address dynamic change and emergent challenges
Generate more income and impact
Be the leader you want to be

Our Services

All services include options for single session, four month, six month and year long engagements, depending on what you would like to accomplish.

Executive Coaching

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Even Olympians have coaches. Quench your thirst for a thought partner and guide to help you gain clarity, build momentum, and fuel the insights you need for your personal and professional growth.

Strategy Coaching

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Take stock of the current climate, assess emerging opportunities, identify the most effective ways to build on your core competencies, and take your company to the next level.

Process Coaching

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Together with your team we address the question: What is the best way to organize and operate your business to give you an edge in competitive markets for customers and employees?

Team Coaching & Facilitation

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Invest in your team. Help them find ways to work better together for a higher level of cohesion, collective impact, and satisfaction.

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Our Philosophy: Dr. Espinosa’s Leadership Manifesto

There are a range of work styles and leadership styles that can be successful. This manifesto is a reflection of our founder’s approach, grounded in the following core organizing principles: all team members (including you) are intellectually and emotionally engaged, operating in a culture where they are valued as both the muscle and heart behind how the organization achieves its mission.

  1. Do purposeful work. Be connected to your work in a way that motivates you. 
  2. Be unambiguous about your priorities. Exercise discipline and focus to achieve them. Make sure your team is on board, aligned, and have shared mental models.
  3. Recognize the expertise your team members bring. Understand and lean into the personal commitment and motivations of each of them. Tap into this collective power and wisdom during planning and decision making. 
  4. Give employees clear guidance and autonomy. Provide your teams with the information, means and guidance to self-organize and self-manage. Trust them to  know how best to: accomplish their work, what needs to be done, manage their own work and manage associated responsibilities and timelines. Support their innovation and independence.
  5. Communicate. Do it more. Provide your teams with full information so they can participate fully in planning, management and decision making. Ensure they have a context for systems thinking and understand the up- and downstream effects of their work.
  6. Practice 360* accountability. 
  7. Be authentic and professional. Model the way that your colleagues can bring their full, authentic, vulnerable selves to work. 
  8. Diversity on your team is a competitive advantage. Honor and leverage diverse perspectives on your team so they can be an institutional strength that expands your organizations’ creativity, insights, responsiveness, inclusivity and flexibility. Create an environment where diversity is celebrated. 
  9. Be a good steward. Take responsibility for the resources (people, time, money, space, equipment, good will) and infrastructure needed for your team to achieve your goals. Understand the bandwidth available and work within what is sustainable over the long term.
  10. Keep it in perspective. Before you react, reflect on if this is a mountain or a molehill. Don’t forget the human element as you respond, the most serious and critical work will be enhanced when we can approach it together with humility, levity, and, even sometimes, a sense of humor.
  11. Stay curious. Be a learning organization. Certainty is the enemy of growth and evolution. Be humble and open about your learning curves, and supportive as others travel along their learning curves. Create a culture of appreciative inquiry.

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